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From January 1st 2015 we only accept articles in English   

Since the first publication of Nordic Journal of Nursing Research in 1981, nurse researchers have been encouraged to publish their studies in any of the Nordic languages, i.e. either Swedish, Norwegian, or Danish as well as English. The foremost idea at this time was to make nursing research available and interesting to all nurses in their daily practice. From a Nordic perspective, I agree that this was an ambitious and appropriate starting point for the dissemination of nursing research in the NJNR. We know today there has been significant change in nursing over the past 33 years in the Nordic countries and this has led to the decision to begin to publish nursing research in English in our journal.  


Nursing education is formally accredited as an academic discipline; the curriculum emphasizes critical thinking and the application of research methodology. Moreover, course literature in English prepares nurses to comprehend and to become aware of the need to implement evidenced based nursing research in their practice.   

Therefore, it is important for the journal’s future development and research quality that it incorporates a global perspective, without abandoning the Nordic context with its focus on person-centered care. Publishing in English will also increase the possibility of recruiting English speaking reviewers with high research competence in the area of a submitted manuscript. As a result, nursing research from the Nordic countries will be made available to a broader international audience and importantly stimulate international research collaboration. 

As of January 1, 2015, only manuscripts submitted for publication in English will be accepted for review. However, the manuscripts that have been submitted, or will be submitted before the end of December, in one of the Nordic languages will go through the current review process. Consequently, I strongly encourage presumptive authors who are considering a submission during this year, to do so in English! 


The journal Nordic Journal of Nursing Research,«Vård i Norden», is a reseach journal with articles in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and English. From January 1st 2015 we only accept articles in English   

All articles are reviewed by a referee panel. All articles have English abstract. «Vård i Norden» is published four times annually.

Target Groups
The journal targets nurses engaged in research, management, education, nurses in clinical practice and persons interested in development and research within nursing.

«Vård i Norden» communicates knowledge about nursing, nursing research and development as a means of raising the standard and quality of nursing.

All articles are reviewed by a referee panel of professors in nursing and nurses with research competence.

«Vård i Norden» is indexed in ASSIA, CINAHL, ProQuest, SveMed+ and ArtikelSök.

Discount for students. Students at all levels are granted 50% discount.

Vård i Norden is published by Nordic Nurses Federation (NNF). Editor of «Vård i Norden» is Professor Kim Lützén from Sweden.

The members of the Editorial Board are from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

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